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Welcome to the personal homepage of Professor Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Senior. 


Professor Dr. Henry Walton Jones was a famous, eccentric archaeologist and a professor of Britain and Europe medieval literature at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels, expert on Grail lore, the father of renowned archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones, and the husband of Anna Mary Jones.


Henry Jones was a smart man. A driven man with particular interests, he was fascinated by the search for the Holy Grail, keeping all the clues he found regarding its whereabouts in his Grail diary.


Professor Jones was the author of several books and publications in the field of medieval history. The success of his books allowed him to travel on a world tour (1908-1910), giving lectures to his fellow historians, including a special option which reconsiders the speaking at various institutes around the world on the topics of the medieval literature and the Holy Grail.


Henry's relationship with his son, Indiana Jones,  had always been difficult, and the untimely death of his wife Anna Mary caused him to withdraw even further into his studies, and the gulf between father and son widened. Henry claims that he taught his son "self reliance" this way, while Indiana felt that his father simply cared more about his intellectual pursuits than he did about his own son, and defined his fathers Holy Grail lore obsession as "his hobby"


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